Cebu Pendant shade 37cm Incl BT-02

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Cebu ceiling lamp is a beautiful shade braided in natural materials. Works equally well in the greenhouse and the outdoor space as indoors. Black cord set is included and is 1.2 meters long with an E27 bracket. Plug is not included. For outdoor use have in mind to use a cord set approved for outdoor use (Flex out) and the colour and finish might get affected by the weather conditions.
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Väri: Natur
Materiaali: Lampakanay
Halkaisija: 37 cm
Korkeus: 24 cm
Varjostimen kehykset: E27 Ring
Teho: 40W
Kanta: E27
Kantojen lkm: 1
Valonlähteet mukana: Nej
Johto: 1,2m Plastic
Sovitettu: Krokupphäng