Round Outdoor Lin LightGrey 30cm

90 / 74
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Let the living room move out! Create a beautiful and cozy outdoor environment with our outdoor pendant lampshades. You can hang it in the conservatory as well as on the terrace. This wonderful pendant lampshade is made of a weatherproof fabric and has a galvanized steel frame, which makes it capable of hanging outdoors regardless of the weather. The pendant lampshade is sold without pendant light cord set. You can buy the Flex out pendant light cord set to make it complete for outdoor.
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Väri: Ljusgrå
Halkaisija: 30 cm
Korkeus: 60 cm
Leveys: 30 cm
Syvyys: 30 cm
Varjostimen kehykset: E27 Ring
Kanta: E27
Valonlähteet mukana: Nej