Vägg Aruba Natur

tai tallenna suosikiksi
A luxurious bohemian bungalow above the perfect turquoise water, this is exactly where the inspiration for the wall lamp Aruba was taken. The lamp is made of natural colored rattan and with an integrated LED stripe on the inside of the frame and 200 cm long cable with switch. N.B. there can be small color differences from the pictures since rattan is a nature material and each piece is unique. Design: GL Design Studio Width: 50 Depth: 5 Height: 50 (cm) Lampholder: Integrated LED 9,9 W.
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Väri: Natur
Materiaali: Rotting
Korkeus: 50 cm
Leveys: 50 cm
Syvyys: 5 cm
Teho: 9,9
Kanta: Integrerad LED
Valonlähteet mukana: Ja - ej utbytbar
Valonlähteen tyyppi: Integrerad LED 9.9W
Johto: 2m kabel,